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Vicky Leonard

"I'd resigned myself to feeling bloated, having low energy and suffering with digestive pain."

Vicky Leonard

My Story

I’ve personally been on a long journey with poor gut health. I had digestive issues for more than 10 years and got to a point where the pain and discomfort became the norm. It manifested itself in many ways – bloating, daily stomach cramps, stress, constipation, acid reflux, feeling tired and brain fog.

Although I was suffering, I did not want to rely on medication. I tried various diets and supplements.  Exercise was a big part of my life including obstacle competitions that certainly tested my stamina and mental strength. I also fully immersed myself in holistic approaches such as reiki and meditation.

Imagine how I felt when these symptoms I'd had for years finally started to lessen or completely disappear?


I had been introduced to Synergy’s Elite Health Solutions and completed the Purify 21 Day Gut Reset Programme. I'd found something that worked for me and this didn't involve medication or doctors. I continued investing in my health by following a maintenance programme. I decided that my health and wellness deserved to be a priority.


My experience inspired me to start BE GUT HAPPY, to help others find true gut happiness and all the benefits it brings. It gives me the opportunity to really understand issues people are facing and help address them using safe, scientifically tested organic supplements.

I’ve always had a passion for education, both teaching and learning. I studied Education (B.Ed) at Oxford University and qualified as a teacher. I achieved Distinction in my Gut-Brain Connection Diploma.  I also hold various qualifications in alternative medicine, healing, guidance and support.

I want to BE GUT HAPPY

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