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There are some questions that I get asked a lot, but the answers are simple. Here's a few key examples. If you have other questions you'd like to ask, or want to know something more personalised to you, just get in touch. I'm always available and happy to help.

  • Can you advise me on a condition as serious as IBS?
    Yes. When you choose to work with me, we look at your whole body and mind. With something like IBS, we will work together to use the supplements at an appropriate pace.
  • Can you work with me? I'm vegan and gluten intolerant.
    Yes. I will be able to recommend supplements to suit your needs.
  • How long will it take until I see a result?
    Results will happen at different speeds and times for everyone. Your gut microbiome is as individual as your fingerprint.
  • Do I need to look after my gut health if I feel ok?
    I think there is always room for improvement. Work with me to see if you can feel even better.
  • Can children take these supplements?
    We do not recommend that children take these supplements. However, during our consultation, I can discuss with you your individual family needs.
  • What is the cost of your advice?
    Getting you started is FREE. I will support you through the 3 month process. If further consultations are required after this, then there will be a fee.
  • Can you help me if I don't live in the UK?
    Yes. With the power of Zoom and email I can help you. The supplements are available in 28 countries worldwide.
  • Does the Be Gut Happy programme replace medical advice from my doctor?
    The Be Gut Happy programme does not replace medical advice from your doctor.
  • Is Be Gut Happy Covid safe?
    Yes! Consultations and support can be given virtually.
  • Can I buy a programme for my friend/relative as a gift?
    Yes. I love this! There are not many presents better than the gift of health.
  • Is the information I give you kept confidential?
    Yes. We comply with latest requirements of Data Protection.
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