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The Joys Of Hormones!

Today I caught myself thinking back to monthly cramps that felt like contractions! Feeling grumpy and not knowing why & a hot water bottle being needed for a few days each month.

The joys of hormones!

It’s good to remember how my health has changed over the years.

I struggled with my period for as long as I can remember. I don’t struggle anymore and it’s a really nice place to be.

When I started taking supplements from Synergy Worldwide, I was hoping for gut support and a break from bloating and acid reflux. I got this and much more! My menstrual symptoms eased and then disappeared. This is not surprising since research is now making it clear that there is a link between the health of your gut microbiome and hormones; when gut health isn't optimal, hormones become imbalanced.

Research also specifically shows that your gut microbiome plays a big role in estrogen regulation. I want to shout this news from the roof tops! This is so relevant to those 13 million women dealing with the menopause at the moment.

I would highly recommend finding ways to support your gut health and I’d love to help you with that. Gut health is not just about digesting food and how often you go to the toilet! Paying attention to your gut health supports your whole body and mind.

For more useful information check out my article on the connection between gut health and hormones on this beautiful website We Got You Girl.

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