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Lower blood pressure! More focus! Weight loss! 


A stressful job and a busy life led me to have issues with my blood pressure. Thanks to the Be Gut Happy Reset Programme and ProArgi-9+, my blood pressure is down, I feel energized and much more able to stay focused. I have the added benefit that I’ve lost weight too.

Paul (47) U.K.

Mel with her dog.jpg

Helped my stomach more than any of the prescribed medicine! 


I was recommended this plan by a friend as she thought it would help me with my health conditions. I have chronic stomach conditions (Barrett’s, esophagitis, reflux disease) and was really suffering. I also suffer from insomnia, aches and have little energy. I started the cleanse and wasn’t sure how much help it would be, however it has helped my stomach more than any of the prescribed medication and improved my sleep and general well-being. 


Vicky is so understanding, helpful and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend this programme.

Mel (46) U.K.

gut reset

Energised after COVID! Sugar cravings gone! Better sleep! 


Quite literally the Be Gut Happy 21 Day Gut Reset Programme set my life back on track. 

I’d been getting progressively unfit, overweight and unhealthy since suffering from COVID 19 in March 2020. 

Many of my symptoms of joint pain, stomach trouble, brain fog and insomnia had lingered and I’d been on a bit of a downward spiral unable to break the cycle. 


I asked Vicky if she could suggest anything to help me. She recommended a bit of a ‘reset’. Within 10 days I felt brighter, fitter and ready to face my day with more resolve and energy. 


I’m able to walk several miles and I’m getting fitter every day.  I’ve lost the cravings for sugar that most definitely added to my lethargic feeling. I have even developed a bit of an obsession for Synergy's Phytolife in my water - morning and night! 


It was all so easy to fit into real life. No hassle at all and set up great habits so you don’t go backwards.  After reading more on gut health on Vicky’s recommendations, I know it’s something I’ll keep up. I'll also do a reset regularly to make sure my gut is doing the crucial job it needs to in contributing to my overall health.  Who knew it was so important? Read about it, it’s fascinating!

Claire (53) U.K.

gut happy

Better concentration! Stubborn weight lost! Feeling calm!


Having heard so much about the Gut Reset Programme together with the importance of gut health, I decided to have a conversation with Vicky to learn more. She answered all my questions, explained the programme and the products and I decided to give it a go, after all 21 days really isn’t very long. I am so pleased I did; I now understand why Vicky is so passionate about her work.


The programme was well structured and easy to follow. If I’m honest, initially I did think I would struggle with the shakes and the Biome DT however as the days went on they became easier to take and now I quite enjoy them! 


The results speak for themselves; I generally have more energy, my concentration is better and I feel calm. I lost 5.5Kg, as well as inches off my waist and hips which pleased me as I had been told by a Dr a few years ago that it would not be possible to shift my middle as I was at “that age”! I found the will to suppress cravings which at times was a challenge but not giving in to them has just made me feel as though I have made the most of the experience. I am however looking forward to a slice of belated birthday cake and some gravy (not together!)


Vicky has been a great support throughout and always available to answer any questions I had. I looked forward to her morning messages which gave a focus for the day. I would thoroughly recommend Vicky and the 21 day Gut Reset Programme to anyone with the desire to see it through, it takes some effort but the rewards are worth it.

Caroline (54) U.K.

gut health gut happy weight loss

Balanced mood! Reduced sugar cravings! Better sleep! Weight loss!


I consider myself someone who lives a balanced life. After completing the health analysis with Vicky, I found out how poor some aspects of my wellbeing were, and how many I had just assumed were ‘normal’. 


I have no regrets about starting the Be Gut Happy Programme, although it was a little daunting. Vicky supported me every day with information or encouraging messages. I felt good during the process but feel even better after (which I didn’t think was possible!). 


My mood is more even, my skin is so bright and healthy, my sugar cravings seriously reduced, my sleep is better, I have not been so bloated (even after a good meal), I have lost 24cm from three measurement points and 11lbs in total! My body is handling those little indulgences more efficiently now too. Go for it! You won’t look back.

Sasha (42) U.K.

Jenny Be Gut Happy Less Migraines.jpg

Less migraines! Flatter stomach! Radiant skin! More energy!


I sought some advice initially from Vicky at Be Gut Happy. She was very helpful and did a health analysis.  She recommended the 21 Day Gut Reset Programme to give my digestive system a chance to recalibrate and get the microbiome back up in the gut, so that I would feel better.

I went from having half shut eyes, a bloated belly and blotchy facial skin, to a flatter stomach, a more radiant appearance and more energy.  

A major breakthrough was less migraines.

My diet followed suit but I mainly put it down to the products and the constant support.  Never have I come across someone that gives such guidance and support through a process to an end goal.


I'm going to follow on with some products, they are that good. 

Jenny (43) U.K.

gut health gut happy destress

Regular bowel movements! Thinking clearly! Slimmer!
I was a little unsure about taking supplements at first but when Vicky explained how natural and beneficial they were, it really reassured me. Such a convenient way to get all the nutrients I needed.

Vicky sent daily messages with great information about the routine and each product. It was a great way to keep connected and ask her any questions I had.

The products taste great and the shake reminds me of Angel Delight!

Having completed the Purify 21 Gut Day Reset Programme, I am much more 'regular' and have so much more 'get up and go'. Plus, I think clearer, my hair feels great and my clothes are looser too. Healing myself from the inside out. So many benefits.

I have carried on with the Be Gut Happy maintenance programme. I really recommend Be Gut Happy, having Vicky on hand to walk me through this process, was priceless.

Karen (41) U.K.

gut health gut happy

Skin healed! Blood pressure lower!
Just wanted to thank Vicky for recommending a programme of supplements for me to try.

I regularly work with Northumbria University re the impact of food and supplements, so while not scientific, I am very health self aware.

Vicky was highly professional and the initial personal health analysis and product introduction was very good.....given my farming and catering background, I know my stuff on nutrition.

A skin complaint on my hand did significantly heal during the first week.  After having a short break from the supplements, I did notice my skin issue return.  My blood pressure has also improved.

However good our diet, there are often gaps in nutrition and the skin is (being the largest organ) a great ‘canary in the mine’.  

I would recommend talking to Vicky to see what she can do for you.

Ian (55) U.K.

gut health gut happy

Flat stomach! No bloating! More energy!
I've been working with Vicky for a few months now.  After finishing the Be Gut Happy Reset Programme, I experienced a much needed shift in my health. 
My flat stomach is back and I'm not struggling with bloating.  I have more energy which is something I really wanted to get out of the programme. I'm used to dealing with acne and dry skin but my skin is radiant.

I have continued with some of the products, making them part of my daily routine.  They are doing wonders for my body.

I'm definitely gut happier!

Kerri (51) U.K.

gut health gut happy weight loss

Less stressed! Reduced sugar cravings! Weight loss!
I contacted Vicky about Be Gut Happy primarily because I felt I needed to address what I was eating and drinking – I wanted to lose weight, it wasn’t coming off and I felt a little stuck in a rut! 
What I didn’t imagine from the process was how much my whole body inside and out would benefit! The programme was very easy to follow, Vicky sent daily motivational and informational messages and any questions I had, I felt so comfortable asking her, no matter how big or sm
all. She would always answer positively, giving loads of helpful tips and advice.
I have found it has helped all areas of my life.  I feel calmer and more motivated to exercise daily to give my body the activity it needs and my brain the thinking space to be  ready to tackle the day ahead. I don’t crave sweet things and make much more healthy choices when out for a meal…people comment on how good I’m being but really all I’m doing is giving my body the things it needs to stay healthy and fit.
I was a little sceptical at first about the supplements, but Vicky explains all of the good things they do for your body and as the process went on, this was easy to see. I am really pleased that I have lost 11lbs following the 21 Day Purify Programme, I have a bit more to lose, but I am now following a maintenance programme knowing that my body is getting all of the great nutrients it n
eeds instead of some of the junk I was giving it before!
Thanks for everything Vicky, it has been such an enjoyable process.

Emily (45) U.K.

gut health gut happy

Improved mood! Stopped bad habits!


I have been really impressed with the Be Gut Happy 21 Day Reset Programme. It had multiple benefits for me. Not only has it made me feel better, improved my mood and general wellbeing but it has also provided me with a fantastic opportunity to address bad habits that had crept in, especially over lockdown. 
Through working with Vicky, I have been able to reset habits that were not working for me, I am back to exercising regularly, eating better and cutting out too much alcohol and sugar.

Vicky's support has been invaluable. In my professional role as a health psychologist, I can confidently recommend the Be Gut Happy Programme. It's not just a detox programme but an amazing opportunity to think about health and wellbeing and work towards feeling better physically and mentally.

Emma (43) U.A.E.

Kirsty sleep energy happy.jpeg

Feeling good! Improved sleep! More energy!
The 21 Day Gut Reset Programme took me completely by surprise. By the end I had more energy, was sleeping better and just felt 'good'! I will be continuing to take care of my gut as I didn't realise how much impact it has on everything. Vicky is friendly, helpful and very knowledgable.

Kirsty (30) U.K.

I want to BE GUT HAPPY

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